About Me

Born and raised in the DMV area, Phylicia Walker has spent the past decade dedicating her life to the craft of literature in hopes of entering the publishing industry and becoming an editor.

While she's not penning her latest work or nose deep in a thriller novel, she can be found indulging in a hobby near and dear to her heart: digital art.

- - -

Whether it be novels, plays, or even visual art, I have the innate desire to create. My work is heavily inspired from a range of authors and textings, ranging from Oscar Wilde and Greek mythology to contemporary writers such as Donna Tartt and Madeline Miller. While I have a deep love and respect classic works of literature, I like to find a way to add a twist of modernity to my work.

As a member of the LGBT+ community and as a black woman, representation is something that means the world to me, and I aspire to be someone that young literary minds can look up to and find the courage to put pen to paper.

Current Projects

Reverie of the Gods - Novel

Sent on a quest from the gods, the prophet Seij is given the task of locating an estranged god and returning him to his rightful place among the pantheon.

However, this task will prove to be fair more difficult than he first perceived, and soon Seij will have to come to terms with what it truly means to be human.

Genre: Mythic Fiction, Fantasy