The Beast in the Basement

This hotel is a shithole.

Sorry-- a 5-star shithole. According to the reviews, anyway.

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April 2022

A Crown of Violets and Roses

A self-imposed writing challenge using the Femslash February prompt list created by ministarfruit on Twitter! The goal was to simply to write something every day-- no matter how short, no matter how "good", no matter how coherent it may be.

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February 2022

Somnium, or the Requiem of Sleeping Beauty

Everything came to a standstill when the queen fell asleep upon her throne. In the blink of an eye, one after another, every peasant and noble fell victim to slumber. Weavers fell asleep at their looms, knights fell unconscious at their posts, mothers slept clutching onto their children-- no human being was left to see the sunrise as the veil of sleep cast itself across the kingdom.

Yet the princess was the only one whose eyes met the morning light.

She mourned not for her parents frozen in time, nor for her subjects held captive within their dreams. Where she should have lost herself within sorrow, the young princess rejoiced. She danced in empty halls, trounced barefoot within the castle’s fountains, partook in whatever sweets remained in the kitchen’s stock, all with a smile upon her face.

She mourned not for her slumbering kingdom. She exulted in their absence.

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Jan. 2022